Evomap is a cloud-based map platform for interactive crowdsourcing projects with geolocated data. With Evomap people are likely to get more engaged with the community life and as the result, have more trust for the city administration. In order to get immediate attention to your concern, just put the proper mark on a map, track the issue status and watch it resolved promptly!

Efficient communication through transparent cooperation between both the citizens and the authorities.
Formation of a unified information environment involving all urban aspects.
Timely notification on the upcoming community events and volunteering activities.

Thus, Evomap — is a visualized offline environment
providing socially significant information on various events
and occurances within a municipal unit.

Platform exlusive features

For the Authorities
  • Establish a transparent real time communication with locals so they would know that you really care
  • Accessible mean of handling citizen inquiries
  • Gain necessary trust of your fellow residents by acknowledging their concerns on various community issues and taking necessary actions to resolve it
  • Generate map views, set benchmarks and measure success
  • Distribute work orders automatically to ensure timely request consideration
  • Act hyperlocal to benefit in the scale of the whole nation
For the Citizens
  • Make your community a better place to live today by your own real time contribution to it
  • Report any issues such as electricity outages, barricades, road potholes, sidewalk cracks and let the city administration pay attention to the matters of your personal concern
  • Build conversations around the community issues and see how others react to it
  • Take advantage of interactive widgets and tools to help you raise any issues and receive proper feedback
  • Be the first to know about the upcoming community and volunteering events

While implemented to numerous communities throughout Russia, Evomap was recognized as an irreplaceable tool that simply makes people feel they were heard as their needs and interests were effectively managed.

Evomap is suitable for any offline environment, where the provision of information is geocoded. This could be parks, recreational areas, road junctions as well as it may be integrated with other crowdsoursing projects

Pilot implementation in Siberia, Russia

Yugra Interactive Map

The first version of Evomap was released in 2012 for the Siberian region. With the city population of just 40,000 people, the new service has rapidly obtained the recognition. At the first month of Evomap implementation there were more than 300 issues allocated on the map. The majority of requests were related to the overall improvement of recreational areas, playgrounds, roads and sidewalks.

Thanks to Evomap, the authorities were able to get some additional awareness on problem city areas from the local resident point of view. As the result, the city authorities considered all of the requests and adjusted the urban environment development plan accordingly. The experiment was recognized by the Administration of the Siberian region as successful.

Area map

Evomap uses the advanced mapping
technology to create unique area maps in high detail.

OpenStreetMap is an open source map, that provides ready-made maps
containing the most up to date from all over the world.
Besides, there is an option of map stylization and large format printing.

Go mobile with Evomap app

As our smartphones get smarter, Social networking has gone mobile. Stay tuned with the latest updates on problem areas in your neighborhood, thanks to a tailor made Evomap mobile application. If something does not seem right, be the first one to raise a concern by taking a photo with your smartphone and reporting it along with the issue description. The mobile application precisely tracks your current location which ensures instant transmission of geo-located data and service request inquiries to the system.

Adding the location

The location is added on the map in two simple steps. The rest is defined by Evomap automatically.


Precise map pin adjustment.

All added objects are moderated: the location description is verified and the category of the issue is determined.


Adding the problem description and proof pictures.

If any changes occur in the data, notifications are sent to every person involved in the case, therefore the prompt response is assumed.

Created location


Ability to discuss and track status changes for each issue.


The subscribe button allows a user to receive email notifications on the location status changes. Task management system sets the higher priority of the location if the user activity was increased. Thus, the most important issues are resolved with the higher priority.

Social networking

Users can share information about the location via social networks or send it by the email.


Events is a informative social service guide on various local events.
Service is aimed at non-profit and socially important activities — volunteering, public hearings, sport events, charity events, etc.

Evomap has proved that it can significantly reduce the burden on city administration by turning the incoming flow of resident inquiries into the distributed manageable web traffic, enabling the city employees to provide timely and deliberate decision to any live question and efficiently process lots of data.

Statistics and Reporting

With Evomap you can easily collect, group and manage data on the inquiry statistics flow which allow to conduct efficient forecasts, keep an eye on problem neighborhoods and to prevent budget wise issues before they occur and get more expensive.