In 2013, dvhb released the first edition of Merz Enterprise Social Network — a tailor-made solution to meet the specific internal communication needs of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Merz, headquartered in Germany.

We are aware that social Intranets are the cornerstone of company-wide collaboration, so the idea was to simply design an easily manageable proprietary enterprise social network filled with enhanced communication options for the convenience of Russia-based Merz employees.

Merz Enterprise Social Network offers all of the functionality you would expect, including micro-blogging, social networking, content creation, task management, an active calendar, messengers and much more in one place without leaving the work space. For example, you can:

— Learn detailed information about colleagues
— Socialize and bond by resolving daily issues together
— Leverage experts within your organization
— Ask questions and get answers quickly through Widgets
— Leave for a vacation or some specific event and notify your colleagues
— Brainstorm and collaborate on projects in groups and customized threads
— Vote for any decisions within your company by participating in surveys, leaving likes and comments
— Exchange any data safely and easily
— Integrate CRM and ERP

Feel free to check out a few screenshots below: