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31 Bolshaya Nikitskaya str., Moscow, Russia
We hired a full team of specialists to be able to cover a full range of development for complex websites, applications and services. The best
QA Engineers
work at dvhb.
Internal Process Manager
other specialists
ensure our operations run smoothly.


In 2012 we stopped hiring office staff and went remote.
We have our team communications and project workflow organized, which allows our employees to work from home, from a coffee shop or from our downtown offices in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk.

Russia is famous for its skilled IT professionals, but many of them prefer to stay in their hometown rather than head to the capital. We offer them challenging projects and above-average compensation. This allows us to scale our team promptly to meet customer expectations.

Our approach

Cherry-picking the best brains

All candidates are tested before they get a job offer. Especially the developers.

Motivation is the key

Our team members work remotely at their convenience and are paid in accordance with the amount of work done.

Hire Senior Professionals Only

Senior professionals get involved into project workflow seamlessly. We do occasionally have internship positions, but it is quite rare.

Keep Extra Skills on Hand

We involve freelancers to cover specific skills or to increase the rate our team can work when needed. Many of these freelancers have been working with us for years.

Internal tools

The best team communication tool ever. We also invite single-channel guests from the customer side to keep them well informed.

This powerful tool aligns incoming customer requests into structured task lists. Custom workflow allows the team to be more effective, and allows managers to lead the process, prevent bottlenecks and clearly see potential risks.

A safe place for all our project documentation and other shared files, plus a friendly interface to aid collaboration. Using one infrastructure across the team makes things easier.

This inhouse intranet portal helps us automate internal services such as hiring and manpower management.